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My Distinctions Leadership Consulting

 Core Services:

Corporate Transition Consulting

We provide customized, comprehensive consultation to business clients in planning, preparing for and conducting a reorganization or downsizing. Our services are premised on the fact that the manner in which this process is conducted has significant impact on the image and ongoing viability of the business. This includes employees who leave, employees who stay, customers, shareholders and the community in general. Our processes ensure that this event unfolds with a minimum of trauma and positions the company for future success. 

              Key Components of a Typical Plan include:

  • Determining timing of announced business change
  • Developing and articulating rationale for business change
  • Creating communications for external audiences
  • Collaborating with corporate legal and PR consultants
  • Developing internal communications
    • Scripts for Employee Announcements
    • Scripts for Manager Notification to Impacted Employees
    • Announcements to Remaining Employees
  • Providing advice on separation packages
  • Training managers to effectively conduct downsizing
  • Providing transition support on notification day

Contact us to discuss key steps and to create a customized plan for your distinctive situation.

Profesional Development Coaching

We coach leaders, managers and other high potential employees in their quest to maximize overall effectiveness and success. Sometimes this involves a process of shedding old identities and unlearning habits that worked in yesterday’s business climate, but are obstructing progress in today’s environment. Some form of change management is almost always involved in launching a successful program.

We encourage our clients to build on their natural talents and focus on weaknesses only when they are a serious impediment to job performance. We prefer on-the-job, day-to-day interactions as the learning laboratory over an academic theoretical approach. Certified in the Leadership Architect Development and Coaching program, we have a deep reservoir of materials to enhance the leadership programs of our individual clients.

 Leadership Team-Building

We help teams to enhance their flexibility, productivity and overall effectiveness utilizing the most current diagnostic instruments. We provide a “team profile” that visually and verbally reveals team problem solving style, individual communication styles, key strengths and possible blind spots.

This is a particularly powerful intervention for the team that is struggling, has stalled out or stagnated for any reason. Why? Because it is very light-hearted and deals with difficult issues in ways that people find humorous. People tend to look at this profile like it is an old kindergarten photograph. We hear comments like “Oh my goodness, (when it comes to communication style) we have seven hearts and only one brain on this team! No wonder we can’t make a decision!”

It is from this starting-point that we facilitate very productive discussions about strategies and action plans that will accelerate the team, leveraging natural strengths and overcoming obstacles to performance.