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What Our Clients Say....


“Meeting with Grady made all the difference in turning me around from a ‘victim’ of job loss to a creator of my own destiny. I stopped focusing on what I didn’t have and started focusing on what I could do.”

–Librarian; Four-year University

“Working with Grady Zech gave me the time and mentorship to focus on my career aspirations, my strengths and ultimately helped me seek and find a company that will give me both professional satisfaction as well as the compensation I was looking for. The experience was perfectly tailored to my needs in a real-time applicable way. I have been happy to recommend her work to others.”

–H.R. Executive, World’s largest Toy Maker

“With Grady’s help I was able to learn more about myself and my leadership abilities and really prepare for the next step of my career. I moved quickly into a position that was a perfect fit for me in every way and took into the new position new insights into my management strengths.”

–Development Director, Private Parochial School

“I had the pleasure to work with Grady during a career transition in my life. Grady is a true, caring professional who helped me rediscover myself. During my search, I was able to present better in the market. Our work together resulted in multiple job offers and a more rewarding career direction.”

–Purchasing Administrator

“After ten plus year of doing the same type of work in the same place, I longed for something more fulfilling, but I didn’t know where to start. Grady was an answer to my prayers. She helped me uncover hidden strengths and discover the new direction for my professional life. Thanks to her I was able to venture into the market and get the challenging job I wanted.”

–Administrative Assistant, Evergreen Fire & Security

“I really enjoyed working with Grady.  She opened my eyes to the obvious things (in front of my eyes), put new perspectives on things I thought I already knew and introduced me to new ways of marketing myself.  I also realized that I still had the goggles on from my former company and I had to take them off before moving forward successfully.

 –Controller, Lease Portfolio Management Company