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  My Story

I began my career by opening and managing a Seattle office for a Denver-based technical recruiting firm.  We provided technical contractors for temporary assignments with engineering and manufacturing companies.

In the early months of this position with no business coming in, an empty Rolodex on my desk and a telephone book with yellow pages as the only source of potential clients, I learned the tummy twisting “true grit” of building something from nothing.  Nothing, including top training programs, best selling marketing books and a doctorate degree touched the value of trekking out into uncharted territory in the pouring Seattle rain, in fashionably uncomfortable shoes, looking the part of a savvy professional while begging for 5 minutes of time to try, try try to do a little bit of business.

Looking into the rear view mirror from the vantage point of more than 20 years out, I truly believe my first nibbles of business came from a mix of pity and tongue-in-cheek humor from some of the salty, seasoned, old timer engineering managers who must have scratched their heads and wondered, “what is a girl like this doing out here, touring the inside of a ball bearing plant, wearing a safety helmet and pretending to have a smidge of knowledge about the latest manufacturing technologies, while mustering as much enthusiasm as possible in such a strange environment? Good question! Surely we can toss a little business her way…”

My second critical lesson came after I got a few nibbles of business.  Drawing on ancient wisdom, I affirmed the truth that once I had the taste, the imprint of success, I could replicate it.  I could say with confidence, “I know how to do this and I can do this.”  And so I did this over and over again. Over time I brought in great talented help and together we built a “just under $4MM business in six years.


Finding My Greatest Passion

In the early years I found my own gifts; 1)to create and grow business and 2) to help others to discover, articulate and communicate their distinctive gifts in the world of work.  Drake Beam Morin and, later, The Brighton Group/OI Partners, both provided tremendous experiences and lasting professional relationships. 

Fourteen years ago I unleashed the “entrepreneur within,” starting my first business – Team 21 Consulting, which became My Distinctions Leadership Consulting and CareerTrac Coaching. I published my first Master Career Coaching book  - CareerPak – in 2013.