Jane Grady Zech, Ph.D.
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Mission and Values


Our Mission:

We bring each client to a full understanding of their distinctive talents and attributes,ensuring the greatest degree of alignment, contribution, impact and joy in the chosen work environment.

Our Values:

Individual Freedom: We believe that people create their best work when they know that each day they freely choose the “who, what, where, why and how” of their work, their work team and work environment.

Servant Leadership: We believe that the highest value and greatest honor in all aspects of life is to serve others. It is in the course of serving that individuals find their gifts, their voice, their greatest joy and ultimately attract abundance for all people in their field of reference.

Integrity: We believe it to be self-evident that sincerity, authenticity and honesty are not only the only way to conduct business, but also the way to live one's life.