Jane Grady Zech, Ph.D.
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Jane Grady Zech, Ph.D.

Leadership Consultant               Career Coach                Published Author 

For more than 20 years Grady, in partnership with professional business consultants, has consulted to executives in planning, preparing, training and conducting large organizational changes.  These include reorganizations, downsizings, merger/aquisitions and plant closures. In addition to corporate transition consulting, we  provide individual leadership coaching and team-building. (See My Distinctions).

Our individual career coaching services focus on facilitating successful outcomes for employees at all levels in multiple industries as they seek new career opportunities. These services can be purchased by the corporate sponsor as part of an overall separation package or by the self directed job seeker. (See CareerTrac). 

"CareerPak: A Comprehensive Coaching System for Practitioners of Career Transition and Career Advancement" by Jane Grady Zech, Ph.D. (2013, Aviva Publishing, New York) is available for purchase. (See CareerPak). A practical, one hundred and fifty page collection of exercises, activities and guidelines, it is the educational arm for any career coaching program. Ideal audiences include  career coaches in private practice, human resources consultants and life coaches who focus on career issues with their clients.